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About the Book

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Chasing the Bullet

In 2008, when the global banking crisis was at its worst, Reuben Freeman found himself in the middle of a complicated web of lies and backstabbing. This web involves his greedy bosses at the bank where he works, his exotic lovers, a lackluster police force, and a gang of ruthless organized criminals. His investigations into a number of killings and financial corruption lead him on a hunt throughout the multi-cultural London of the twenty-first century that becomes more frantic as he strives to catch the masterminds behind a string of murders and financial malfeasance. After being repeatedly tricked and duped, he realizes that the only people on his team he can count on are his French lover, her girlfriend, and himself—but can he really count on them?

Will he be able to make it to the very end? Follow the narrative of Reuben as he investigates a series of killings and financial misdeeds in an effort to apprehend the criminals responsible for them.

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